BAMBOO BUBBY Scratch Me Not Mittens - Blue - FREE SHIPPING

BAMBOO BUBBY Scratch Me Not Mittens - Blue - FREE SHIPPING

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  • Give your little one a chance to heal.
  • Stop your little one damaging skin in the car, pram or anywhere.
  • Help your child STOP scratching, thumb sucking, nail biting or hair pulling.

Simply flip mits over little hands. Giving you peace of mind & your little one relief anytime. Simply flip back over for play time or eating. 

Made from 96% bamboo & organic cotton, silk & lycra they are Breathable & absorbent, beautifully soft keeping your little one comfortable during everyday wear or bed time. 

IF BY CHANCE WE ARE OUT OF STOCK Please send us an email, we can then let you know how long until we are in stock. YOU WILL STILL RECEIVE FREE SHIPPING

Please measure wingspan & choose from the sizes below. Finger tip to finger tip or middle of back to finger tip then double.

Size chart:

Nb-6mo (63-68cm)

9mo (68-71cm)

12mo (71-76cm)

18mo (76-81cm)

2yr (81-86cm)

Colour: Royal rain