NIRVANA ORGANICS Ceramic Himalayan Salt Inhaler

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This Salt Pipe contains 100% all-natural Halite Salt Crystals that will last approximately 5 years.

Selected Halite Salt Crystals from the Himalayan region have been unearthed from salt deposits formed 250 million years where a primal ocean once existed. Renowned to contain 84 elements essential for good health and life, our salt is of the highest quality available, and is hand-mined and free from modern day pollution.  
Enjoy the benefits of salt-cave therapy without leaving your home, 

 Salt Pipe Therapy which is 100% natural and effective has been recommended by health practitioners around the world to help alleviate asthma, allergy and sinus symptoms – the natural way.

Just 15 minutes use daily has been shown in many studies to reduce respiratory symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, sneezing, snoring, hay fever and sinus pain.

 Why Salt Therapy? Popular for cleansing the respiratory system, health practitioners recommend salt therapy to counter the harmful contaminants that pollute both our air and bodies. Used for centuries in Europe, sufferers would retreat deep into salt caves and inhale the salt particles floating in the air. Believed to reduce inflammation and infection of the lungs, this ancient therapy is also credited for ridding the body of impurities, without the side-effects of many other treatments.

How to Use: Simply inhale normally through the mouthpiece and exhale out though your nose, taking care not to breathe back into the pipe, or to force your breathing in any way. You may experience coughing and sneezing as the body rids itself of phlegm and mucus from the lungs and sinus cavities, as well as a slight salty taste in your mouth, but these symptoms will lessen with regular use. Use for 15-25 minutes daily and begin to experience the amazing therapeutic benefits of this 100% natural salt therapy.
Please note: The salt used inside the Nirvana Organic Ceramic Himalayan Salt Inhaler is non-edible halite crystal salt.