ANCIENT MINERALS Magnesium Bath Flakes 750g

ANCIENT MINERALS Magnesium Bath Flakes 750g

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Ultra pure Magnesium Source for foot & body soaks.

Magnesium chloride quickly passes through the skin and is perfect for anyone including anyone suffering from eczema, dermatitis & psoriasis.

  • Improve skin hydration,
  • Speed wound healing, 
  • Enhance the skins barrier function,
  • Decrease inflammation, 
  • Relaxes muscles,
  • Raises magnesium levels,
  • Increases cellular energy,
  • Assists in calming nerves.

Magnesium is the second most abundant mineral in the human body. It works closely with calcium and vitamin B6 to regulate the heart, muscles, brain and immune system. It’s also needed for essential fats to work properly, and plays a significant role in the prevention and treatment of various allergy-related conditions, including eczema. One study from 1980 found that magnesium deficiency produced allergy symptoms in rats.  (

“Magnesium is necessary for the normal function of over 300 enzyme systems, for muscle relaxation, immune function, cardiac function, clotting, nerve conduction etc. Indeed I cannot think of a bodily department in which magnesium is not essential. It prevents heart disease, cancer, blood pressure,  kidney stones and improves energy, sleep etc.” reports Dr. Sara Mayhill. (

 INGREDIENTS: Genuine Zechstein magnesium chloride flakes

USES: Simply dissolve 1/2 cup -3 cups of magnesium flakes into a warm bath and soak for 30 minutes. 

  • under 25kg 1/2 cup
  • over 25kg 1 cup
  • over 45kg 2 cups or more