CRYSTAL ROCK - Deodorant Spray Granite Rain 118ml

CRYSTAL ROCK - Deodorant Spray Granite Rain 118ml

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The natural deodorant spray for men. Contains No Harmful Chemicals  

  • NO Aluminum Chlorohydrate 
  • NO Aluminum Zirconium 
  • NO Parabens 
  • NO Phthalates.
  • Vegetarian 

The odor preventing power of Rock combined with the bold, rich, masculine natural fragrances will keep you feeling fresh and clean all day. Granite Rain has a light woodsy scent and is designed to not interfere with other fragrances.

DIRECTIONS: Hold bottle 5 inches from targeted area and press and hold nozzle. For best results, use daily and apply to clean skin.

INGREDIENTS: Aqua, caprylyl-capryl glucoside, potassium alum, fragrance (from 100% natural ingredients), sodium bicarbonate, benzoic acid, zinc gluconate