BOOK Living The Healthy Life - Jessica Sepel

BOOK Living The Healthy Life - Jessica Sepel

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Living the Healthy Life you will find Jessica Sepel's practical and holistic 8-week plan to healing your life, body, nutrition and your relationship with food.

Jessica Sepel shares her struggles with food and her body and how she was able to overcome it. She wants to help you to reconnect with your body in the most caring way.

Expanding on her philosophy from The Healthy Life, It will teach you how to quit fad dieting forever, give yourself the freedom to stop the guilt surrounding food, and to overcome body stress and anxiety.

  • The benefits of sleeping more, nourishing your cleansing functions and optimising your thyroid function.
  • Meal plans tailored to balance your hormones, increase energy levels and nutritional advice for vegans as well
  • Helpful tips for eating out, snacks on-the-go, mindfulness and positivity.
  • Over 200 new recipes that prove healthy eating can be fun, simple and delicious.

You’ll have everything you need to heal your life.