Eczema (atopic dermatitis) is on the rise, it sadly effects about 1 in 5 children under the age of two & Australia has one of the highest incidences of eczema world-wide.

Once eczema develops & the skin barrier is damaged, moisture is lost making the skin more susceptible to allergens & irritants. This irritation can trigger the skin to release chemicals that make the skin itch. If the skin is scratched more chemicals are released making the skin itchier.  

Eczema as common as it is, is not well understood, it is common for anyone suffering from eczema to have or develop other allergies. Currently there is no known cure for eczema & medical professional's will advise steroids. Unfortunately for some people steroids like other medications are not the answer & can actually just cover up the problem causing a domino effect & making things worse.

Our skin is our biggest organ therefor I believe eczema is an indication they there is a problem on the inside, a problem with your immune system. 

 Finding triggers & healing the damage

Finding what triggers you or your child's eczema is very time consuming & tricky as we are all different & unique not one thing will be the same for someone else. But once you find them & if you can avoid them you will find your eczema can improve. 

Sticking to a strict diet & great skin care routine is vital to maintaining healthy skin.

Most known trigger's include
  • Food intolerance's, wheat, diary, soy, egg, nuts, fish/shell fish including artificial colors & preservatives,
  • Irritants such as chemicals, soaps, perfumes, woolen or synthetic fabrics, 
  • Dust mites, carpets, grasses, pollen, & molds,
  • Chlorinated pools,
  • Sandpits & sand,
  • Viral or bacterial infections,
  • Temperature changes,
  • Stress & even teething.

"All disease begins in the gut" - Hippocrates

This was said more than 2000 years ago & now we are only starting to realize how true this is.

I  now believe that gut healing plays a huge part of the healing process for eczema. When you allow the gut flora to thrive then the healing process can start. Then you will find you can tolerate your triggers.

  • Adding probiotics, bone broth, fermented vegies &/or cultured yogurts on a daily basis will help the healing process. (if you have an allergy or intolerance to dairy then leave the yogurt out)

Bathing & skincare

Bathing & skincare is most important in managing yours or your child's eczema.

  • Bathing in warm/cool (not to hot) water as heat can aggravate eczema & avoiding bath wash or soap that contains nasty chemicals. Using natural products like our 100% natural bath soak with organic oats & healing herbs to soothe, calm & heal natural. Or simply using water & a phompai sea sponge which can clean naturally also.
  • Adding essential oils like tea tree oil.
  • Moisturizing consistently throughout the day & after bathing & using a barrier cream when swimming or when needed to block out any irritants. 

    Home cleaning & Laundry 

    Using natural cleaning & laundry products without harsh chemicals & fragrances can help also. 

    •  We love soap nuts for the home cleaning & doing the laundry.