I'm Ali, a mum of two beautiful kiddies and wife. We live on the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula and our youngest Lakyn has a food allergy to egg and suffered terribly from eczema, asthma and food intolerances.

Lakyn's Eczema became worse and worse over time and not getting the answers and help needed from medical professionals we decided to look into healing him naturally ourselves. We researched intensely everything from how to heal eczema naturally, food and water we consume and the personal and home care we used. What we found was shocking and it changed our lives forever.

We have now healed his eczema, asthma and all his food intolerances naturally. Using diet, gut healing, topical steroid withdrawal and natural products only. We now live a natural lifestyle and help others do the same.

He is such a happy little boy now and we are so grateful we went on the difficult journey to help him. He is our inspiration and drive.

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