SOAP NUTS 500g/300 washes

SOAP NUTS 500g/300 washes

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  A true gift from nature.

Revolutionary Laundry Soup Product.

Multi purpose detergent & cleaner.

Bath/hair wash.

Eco-friendly solution that is Antibacterial & Anti-fungal.

Fair trade. 

SoupNuts are the only 100% natural cleaning product.

Grows on a tree as a berry & drops to the ground, dries & is ready to use. 


SoapNuts come from the Sapindus mukorossi tree which grows wild in the Hazara district of Pakistan. This tree, also called the "soap berry tree", is unique in that it synthesizes its own natural soap-like "saponins" (any of various plant glycosides that form soapy lathers when mixed and agitated with water)  that coat the shell of the fruit. When the fruits ripen and fall from the tree, local families harvest the windfall and then remove the inner fruit (seeds) from the outer shell, leaving the SoapNut ready to use.

How to use: 

LAUNDRY: Top loader: Place a small handful of SoapNuts into small wash bag, tie off & drop into top loader washing machine. Use for 4 cold wash loads then reload wash bag with fresh SoapNuts. (Place old SoapNuts in garden or compost). 

By keeping the wash bag in a jar of water between wash loads, the water can be used as a spot stain remover/pre wash liquid.  It also acts as an indicator of when to reload your wash bag with fresh SoapNuts as the water will remain clear when no more saponin is being released.

Front loader & All Purpose Liquid: Place a small handful of SoapNuts into a pot with 1litre of water. Simmer for 20 mins, strain & use as surface cleaner, shampoo, body wash, pet wash & like you would normal laundry liquid.

Some front loading washing machines use only a small amount of water, using SoapNuts in the wash bag may not give an effective clean.  Instead, use interactions above. Use 10 whole SoapNuts (approximately 1 cup of broken pieces) to 1 litre of water.  Be sure to simmer on the lowest heat or your liquid will boil and bubble over....which wouldn’t be so terrible as it would clean your stove top at the same time.

SoapNuts leave NO RESIDUE on your washing, so you don’t need to do a rinse cycle.  This will not only save you water and money, but also time as the wash cycle will be shortened.  You will have to check your washing machine to see when to stop its full cycle and avoid the rinse cycle, SAVING YOU MONEY, WATER & TIME.

Although SoapNuts leave your washing smelling clean & fresh, you can add essential oils to your wash if you prefer your washing to have a fragrance. Just add a few drops to your wash bag or liquid before adding to compartment. Just make sure you don't get any directly on clothes as it may leave oil mark.

Stains:  Grassy knees or red wine, run cold water over the stain, cover with bi-carb soda & let it sit overnight.  Wash bi-carb soda off with cold water, then take your current 100% Natural SoapNuts wash bag (if not already wet) wet it then rub the stained area vigorously to form a lather.  Then place the clothing into the wash as per normal.  Use a cold water wash & let the load soak for extra cleanliness.

For heavily soiled washing, use a warm to hot water wash as this will extract more saponin from your wash bag of SoapNuts, giving it a more powerful clean.  This will mean, however, that your SoapNuts washbag will have to be reloaded with fresh SoapNuts after the 2nd or 3rd washload.

KITCHEN: Dishwasher: Place a small handful of SoapNuts into cutlery basket of dishwasher. Fill rinse aid compartment with vinegar. Use for one wash only.