BAMBOO BUBBY Scratch Me Not Mittens - Pink

BAMBOO BUBBY Scratch Me Not Mittens - Pink

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  • Give your little one a chance to heal.
  • Stop your little one damaging skin in the car, pram or anywhere.
  • Help your child STOP scratching, thumb sucking, nail biting or hair pulling.

Simply flip mits over little hands. Giving you peace of mind & your little one relief anytime. Simply flip back over for play time or eating. 

Made from 96% bamboo & organic cotton, silk & lycra they are Breathable & absorbent, beautifully soft keeping your little one comfortable during everyday wear or bed time. 

Please measure wingspan & choose from the sizes below. Finger tip to finger tip or middle of back to finger tip then double.

Size chart:

Nb-6mo (63-68cm)

9mo (68-71cm)

12mo (71-76cm)

18mo (76-81cm)

2yr (81-86cm)

Colour: Fuchsia Sunrise